Новости об отключении электроэнергии продолжают бродить, и некоторые глиноземные компании пострадали

В последнее время электролизные алюминиевые предприятия в Сычуани привлекли внимание из-за отключения электроэнергии и сокращения производства, в то время как производители алюминиевого профиля в Китае также более осторожно относятся к этому. С одной стороны, после того, как рынок ограничит последующее производство, это в определенной степени повлияет на доставку заказов и получение товаров пользователями. С другой стороны, глиноземные предприятия больше обеспокоены энергетической политикой на более позднем этапе, и они обеспокоены тем, что, если разрыв в мощности в будущем увеличится, глиноземные предприятия также будут подвержены ограничениям мощности.

Judging from Aize's research, there has been a reduction in production in Chongqing at present. Among them, company A has implemented a shutdown in accordance with relevant government requirements to allow electricity to be used by the people, involving a total production capacity of 800,000 tons. Production is temporarily suspended for a week, and the production resumption plan will be decided on the 24th based on the specific electricity consumption and relevant policies. Company B has not yet received relevant power curtailment documents. At present, the operating load has been reduced by about 20%, which is equivalent to a reduction of about 700,000 tons of annual production capacity. Whether to continue to curb production in the later period depends on relevant policy requirements.

Guizhou has not yet received the relevant power restriction notice, but because Chongqing has limited power and production, and Guizhou also had relevant document requirements last year, enterprises in Guizhou have been paying more attention to the issue of telephone restriction. At present, the production of various enterprises is normal, and the alumina finished products are still mainly shipped in long orders.

On the whole, it is true that the current limited electricity production in Chongqing area has occurred, but the electricity rationing policy has not yet spread, and the main alumina producing areas are paying more attention. However, the current domestic alumina price is still relatively stalemate. Although some areas occasionally fluctuate slightly, the downstream demand side does not fully recognize the current market price. Although the power curtailment has actually reduced production, downstream electrolytic aluminum has also reduced production simultaneously. Under the double drop in supply and demand, alumina prices have not responded significantly. At present, the issue of telephone restrictions can only be used as a support for the market mentality. It remains to be seen whether the scope of power restrictions will be expanded in the Southwest and North China in the later period and whether alumina will further suppress production.

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